Registered Investment Advisor Yvette Papazian

Yvette Papazian has been dedicated to serving retirees’ needs since 1999. She now proudly serves her clients in Southern California, as a Registered Investment Advisor, specializing in helping her clients understand and cover all aspects of a successful retirement plan. Inspired to serve retirees and seniors after caring for her elderly grandmother until her passing, Yvette comments: “I didn’t know anything about anything when it came to availability of benefits and finances to help my grandmother. It was a very difficult time.

After I lost her, I dedicated my time and efforts to learning all I could and providing that education to others. I started out as a Medicare and Social Security consultant, educating people on all the benefits that federal and state governments have to offer, and that grew into advanced education, and the ability to have a full-service retirement practice. If my clients retire with peace of mind, I’ve done my job well.

My philosophy is that retirement can be likened to a puzzle, with many pieces needed to make a complete picture. Taxation, Social Security, Medicare, 401k / IRA, guaranteed income streams, and trusts or wills, are just some of the important pieces that need to be taken care of and addressed ahead of time. Special emphasis should be placed on examining taxation. A 401k/ IRA can be a ticking tax time bomb.

How can you develop a retirement plan with income that you can rely on, that will be there when you most need it? With 2016’s increased longevity statistics, will you outlive your money? These and other factors need to be carefully addressed and handled in advance, if a successful retirement is to be obtained.

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